To create a 3D model, 100+ pictures of good quality is prefferable. The pictures has to cover at least three different heigths and 360 degrees around. Sometimes you also have to cover the bottom of an subject, like a shoe.

For processing I´m using a software called 3D Zephyr Light. To be honest, it has a learning curve but once you have done a few scans you will learn how to tweek the parameters for the best result. A lot of computation has to be done requiring a computer with decent processing power.

When the scan i completed it´s important to decimate the model to a size that can be handled by the software it´s intended for.

This was my first scan using only 60 pictures. For a good scan, there need to be some structure on the surface. Glassware and reflective material will not work unless you prepare them with some special 3D Scan Coating


The shoe and the Puppy Dog indicates what kind of details you can achieve

with a good scan.

Click to enlarge the pictures

stubbe 2

A scanned Pizzaslice can be used in video productions as an asset. With software like Videocopilot 3D Elements and Adobe After Effects the 3D model can be inserted when a Camera Tracking has been performed,


Sometimes it´s not possible to use a Turntable for the scan.

In such cases you simply has to walk around the

subject and take the pictures from different heights.

107 pictures was used for this scan.